Evenly Spaced Text for Navigation Menus in PS

When I first started designing websites in Photoshop, I had a hard time evenly spacing words used in header navigation menus. If i wanted to adjust the spacing between each navigation item, I’d have to nudge them individually. This tutorial will show you how to create evenly spaced words in a Photoshop text box.

Here are a few quick instructions to get evenly spaced words using the Type tool:

  • Select the Type tool, drag out an area on your canvas and let go
  • Type out “Home About Blog Contact”
  • In the Paragraph tool (click on Window > Paragraph if the tool bar isn’t visible), click Justify All.
  • Adjust the size of the text box with the Type tool still active and you’ll see the words remain evenly spaced

In the video below, I’ve added instructions on adding a two-word menu item while maintaining the even spacing between menu items:

Aug 9, 2011

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